• CapEx: $121.7 million
  • Jobs: 74 new (17 direct, 57 indirect)
  • Product: Catalysts for less energy-intensive refining
  • Location: Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish / Capital Region
  • Project overview:
    • Flagship plant expansion will increase production of high-performance catalysts used for less energy-intensive refining processes.
    • Catalysts are substances used during the manufacturing process to increase the rate chemical reactions occur. These substances are used in the production of a wide variety of items ranging from biofuels and sustainable aviation fuel to medical equipment and shoes.
    • The Port Allen location is the largest refining catalyst plant in the world and the expansion allows the facility to increase manufacturing capacity by an additional 15,000 tons per year.
    • Shell Catalysts & Technologies develops state-of-the-art products that are activated by lower amounts of heat, electricity or steam, resulting in a reduced energy intensive refining process.

Company website: Shell.com/CT