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New Investments for Sustainable Living

The global push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is having a ripple effect not only in the energy sector, but across manufacturing as well. In Louisiana, investments are taking place in sustainable materials and battery production for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Energy-Efficient Battery Materials

To meet the expanding electric vehicle market, the U.S. Infrastructure Act awarded Louisiana $320 million to boost the supply of essential battery components. Several companies are leveraging funding and meeting demand in Louisiana.

Syrah Technologies

This Australian company is expanding its Vidalia facility to increase production of graphite-derived active anode material. The expansion comes after Tesla Inc. signed an offtake agreement in December 2021 to provide AAM for use in batteries.


Ucore selected an 80,800 square-foot brownfield facility within the England Airpark in Alexandria as the site for its first Strategic Metals Complex. The facility is dedicated to rare earth element separation and oxide production for electric vehicle, wind turbine and consumer good supply chains.

Sustainable Living

Outside of EV batteries, the manufacturing of sustainable good and energy-efficient technologies is seeing major investments.

Alliance Compressors LLC

Investing $45 million to expand its compressor assembly facility to keep pace with increased global demand for energy-efficient air conditioning.

Origin Materials

A carbon-negative materials company investing over $750 million to develop a biomass manufacturing facility to produce plant-based polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET is used in packaging, textiles and garments.