• CapEx: $3.24 billion
  • Jobs: 728 new (123 direct, 605 indirect), 2,300 construction
  • Product: Low-carbon intensity methanol with carbon capture and storage
  • Location: Westlake, Calcasieu Parish / Southwest Region
  • Project overview:
    • The project will result in the construction a new manufacturing plant that will produce low-carbon intensity methanol and other chemicals at the Port of Lake Charles.
    • The company plans to use advanced auto thermal gas reforming technology and employ carbon capture and secure geologic storage to produce low-carbon hydrogen for conversion to methanol.
    • The proposed facility would reform natural gas and renewable gas feedstocks into hydrogen, while capturing carbon dioxide, which would then be used to produce about 3.6 million tons per year of methanol.
    • Lake Charles Methanol plans to work with a third party to capture and sequester about 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, which would reduce the carbon intensity of the hydrogen for synthesis into low carbon intensity methanol.

Company website: LakeCharlesMethanol.com