• CapEx: $9.2 billion
  • Jobs: 5,585 new (1,025 direct, 4,560 indirect)
  • Product: Renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, green hydrogen
  • Location: Port Allen, West Baton Rouge / Capital Region
  • Project overview:
    • World’s largest renewable fuels project will have daily production capacity of 65,000 barrels per day, or nearly 1 billion gallons per year, of sustainable aviation fuel, renewable diesel, green hydrogen and naphtha (a bio-plastics feedstock).
    • The complex can store an estimated 380 million tons of carbon dioxide, enough to sequester decades of emissions from the production facility.
    • The system includes a carbon-negative power plant, which will use biomass to generate up to 280 megawatts of power.
    • The facility is designed to use forestry waste, agricultural residue, hurricane debris, fats, oils, greases and emerging feedstocks such as carmelina, carinata and algae oil.

Company website: Fidelisinfra.com/project/gron-fuels-llc