• CapEx: $480 million
  • Jobs: 628 new (220 direct, 408 indirect)
  • Product: Rare earth minerals processing for electronic components such as EV batteries
  • Location: Ascension Parish / Capital Region
  • Project overview:
    • High-purity manganese sulfate monohydrate production facility would be the first in the Western Hemisphere to manufacture HPMSM, a critical component in electric vehicle batteries.
    • Will import raw materials from its Butcherbird Mine in western Australia, while many of the remaining inputs would be sourced from Louisiana companies.
    • Element 25’s production process results in three reusable by-product streams which can be repurposed as fertilizer feedstocks, steel manufacturing and other industrial operations. As a result, the facility is able to minimize its solid and liquid wastes.
    • Company signed an agreement with GM in June 2023 to provide materials for more than 1 million EVs a year.

Company website: Element25.com.au