Pathway to Assist Veteran Entrepreneurs 

Pathway to Assist Veteran Entrepreneurs

The Pathway to Assist Veteran Entrepreneurs program (PAVE) offers Louisiana veterans the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that are necessary to effectively start or manage a business. In partnership with Louisiana Economic Development, Louisiana Small Business Development Center Network, Louisiana Department of Veterans Affair, and Louisiana National Guard, PAVE will follow a virtual format which allows veterans to participate in this program at their own pace.

The PAVE program consists of on-demand online training, a virtual entrepreneurship boot camp, and access to ongoing business programs and resources. The program consists of 3 modules of on-demand virtual training that can be accessed and completed at the participant's desired pace. The virtual training expands on the topics of starting a business, securing financing, and developing a sales strategy.

Upon completion of the on-demand virtual training, participants will be scheduled to attend an online virtual entrepreneurship boot camp hosted by the Louisiana Small Business Development Center. The virtual boot camp will allow the veteran entrepreneurs to assess their needs and analyze the feasibility of their business plan. Additionally, the boot camp will introduce entrepreneurs to business resources including those specific to veteran-owned businesses.

The final step of PAVE will be connecting the veteran entrepreneur with a Business Consultant from LSBDC for continued business support.


The Pathway to Assist Veteran Entrepreneurs is open to Louisiana military personnel who have the intent to start a business.

Getting Started

Interested military personnel (Active duty, Reservists, Veterans) should complete the application and pay a registration fee of $15. 

Next Steps

  1. Once registration is complete, eligible military personnel and veterans will receive access to on demand training.

  2. Complete the three on demand training modules at your own pace.

  3. You will be scheduled to attend a virtual entrepreneurship boot camp.

  4. Attend virtual entrepreneurship boot camp.

  5. Finally, you will be connected to a business consultant from LSBDC for continued support.


Q: What military status is eligible to participate?
A: A person who is a member or former member of the Armed Forces of the United States (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard (this includes National Guard/Reservists) who currently serve in good standing in active duty and or Reserve status or was discharged under conditions which were other than dishonorable.

Q: What is the time commitment to this program? 
A: Participants should expect each module of online training to take 1 hour to review with personal time committed to working through the workbook and business development materials. In addition, the entrepreneurship boot camp will be a two-part 1-day event.

Q: Does the online training have to be complete prior to participating in the boot camp? 
A: Yes, the online training portion of the PAVE program must be completed before being scheduled to participate in the entrepreneurship bootcamp.