• CapEx: $75 million
  • Jobs: 398 new (100 direct, 298 indirect)
  • Product: Rare earth separation and purification for
  • Location: Alexandria, Rapides Parish / Central Region
  • Project overview:
    • The project would establish a U.S.-based supply chain anchor for rare earth oxides required to manufacture electric vehicle motors, wind turbine generators and a variety of consumer goods including smartphones and power tools.
    • Ucore will import rare earth feedstocks to its Louisiana Strategic Metals Complex through the Port of New Orleans.
    • The rare earth elements are a set of 17 metallic elements often found together in geologic deposits across the world and are often referred to as rare earth metals. They are also referred to as rare earth oxides when chemically combined with oxygen and used to make rare earth metals, alloys and magnets.
    • Located at England Airpark in Alexandria.

Company website: Ucore.com