• CapEx: $800 million
  • Jobs: 790 new (200 direct, 590 indirect), 2,200 for construction
  • Product: Rare earth minerals processing for electronic components such as lithium batteries
  • Location: Gramercy, St. James / Southeast Region
  • Project overview:
    • Joint venture of DADA Holdings and Enervoxa will separate rare earth elements and other valuable minerals from alumina byproducts at the Noranda Alumina site.
    • DADA owns Noranda Alumina, which has a 35 million dry-ton reserve (39.2 million tons) of mineral-rich bauxite.
    • The reserve bauxite contains high concentrations of 10 of the 17 rare earth elements targeted by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency, along with titanium, iron and other valuable minerals and metals.
    • Carbon-neutral project will reduce the environmental footprint of the alumina refining business and U.S. dependence on China for limited and technologically strategic minerals.

Company website: ElementusMinerals.com