Louisiana’s Premier Data Center Provider Stays Ever Vigilant

Some of the nation’s leading employers rely upon Venyu for secure data storage and access, and that’s a responsibility that keeps the Louisiana technology company ever vigilant.

Venyu, Louisiana’s premier commercial data center firm, provides cloud hosting, cloud backup, managed hosting, disaster recovery and business continuity services. The company’s Baton Rouge location serves as the flagship data center and was recently expanded to provide additional space and power density. The Bossier City data center meets extraordinary U.S. Department of Defense anti-terrorism force protection codes, making it one of the most physically secure commercial facilities in the nation. Venyu’s multiple locations also provide clients an option for geographic diversity and redundancy protection from natural disasters.

“We have as fine a data center as you will find anywhere in the country,” Venyu CEO Scott Thompson said. “Our clients include seven NFL franchises, Dole Foods, Lamar Advertising, ICF International, Kawasaki and multiple state agencies. In the 12 years we have operated the facility, we’ve never had one second of downtime, which is pretty remarkable.”

Today, more companies forgo in-house servers by partnering with companies like Venyu to reduce IT costs while increasing security and scalability. Recently, a multimillion-dollar company weighed the option of expanding its campus data center or partnering with Venyu. Cost was a clear factor in choosing not to build in-house. According to Thompson, catching a company before a new build or expansion can offer significant cost savings.

“Let’s say a company is looking to move to Baton Rouge,” Thompson explained. “By partnering with us prior to build-out, they don’t have to develop an in-house data center, which includes special HVAC needs, backup generators, uninterruptible power supply and security, all of which must run 24/7/365. It works out to be a cost savings of somewhere between $1,500 and $2,500 per square foot, which is very appealing to most any company.”

One of Venyu’s strengths is the blend of services it offers customers. Though many companies provide only co-location or cloud hosting, Venyu can combine services to accommodate where a company might be in its IT infrastructure life cycle.

“When we first began working with Lamar Advertising in 2006, they chose a co-location option, which still allowed them to purchase and maintain their own specialized IT systems,” said Matt Wallace, Venyu’s vice president of marketing. “As they have deployed new servers for their digital billboards, they began converting to our cloud hosting service. They don’t have to invest in hardware procurement or worry about security or service failure. Over time, most people end up letting us handle the infrastructure because it’s so much easier and more cost-effective.”

As more businesses explore data center options, Venyu stands as a premier resource, not only in Louisiana but across the nation.

“People tapping on their smartphones or working on computers have no idea the incredible amount of infrastructure that supports them,” said Thompson. “I’m proud to say that we have one of those facilities here in Baton Rouge, and that is impressive.”

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