IT Firm’s Classical Approach To Contemporary Data Challenges

Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle tutored young Alexander the Great, educating the future king in the art of politics, communication and people management, as well as instilling him with a strong set of morals.

“Essentially, we’re Aristotle to our client’s Alexander,” explains Christopher S. Hebert, CEO of Aristotle’s Alexander, when asked about the company’s unique name. “We are an information technology consulting firm committed to delivering advanced IT solutions that meet our clients’ business challenges. We provide this service in tandem with integrity and a strong moral compass.”

For years, Hebert traveled the U.S. as an independent consultant before deciding in 2008 to return to his hometown of Lafayette and begin a startup technology company. Today, the firm’s expertise spans strategic consulting, enterprise technology solutions, systems integration, application development and data orchestration for local, regional and international clients.

“One of our strengths is partnering with companies managing remote field operations where connectivity is not available, like offshore oil rigs or off-the-grid construction projects,” Hebert says. “We’ve developed an innovative software framework that allows team members to connect to a cloud-based system and work off-line processing safety information, tracking equipment, completing work tickets and invoices, entering personnel data — and more, all in real time.”

Integrating information systems is another benefit the company provides many clients. In the oil and gas industry, for instance, a multitude of recent mergers and acquisitions challenge companies with the monumental task of combining information from multiple entities. Aristotle’s Alexander seamlessly joins separate departments, systems, procedures and processes to ensure the information technology portion of the merger or acquisition goes smoothly.

Aristotle’s Alexander frequently consults in the healthcare landscape as companies struggle to adapt to the industry’s rapid changes. Hebert and his team assist in integrating information for patients, physicians, hospitals and insurance providers. Amid rising demand for mobile applications, Aristotle’s Alexander offers additional technology to better connect doctors and patients, providing them with relevant information in a secure manner.

While Aristotle’s Alexander has established a reputation for outstanding client service, Hebert credits Louisiana Economic Development (LED) for playing a major support role in jumpstarting his business.

“During our startup phase, we utilized LED’s Small and Emerging Business Development program to provide overall strategies, as well as legal and contractual guidance,” Hebert says.

More recently, Aristotle’s Alexander tapped LED’s Economic Gardening Initiative for assistance in competitive analysis, the production of marketing communication materials and digital media strategy. The results have been impressive, with the company poised to hire seven to 10 new professionals for software developers, sales members, project managers and support technicians.

“The Acadiana Region and the State [of Louisiana] have both been very supportive of the tech industry, and I’m glad my company is playing a part in providing personal and professional opportunities here,” Hebert says. “We have an extremely talented and brilliant staff, and I only expect it to grow.” 

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