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Unrivaled Logistics Make Louisiana a Natural Fit for South Korean Companies

Recent investments by South Korean companies Lotte Chemical and Dongsung FineTec – combined with long-term investments by the Korea National Oil Corp. – have made ties between South Korea and Louisiana stronger than ever before.

Notable South Korean Investment in Louisiana

  • Lotte Chemical – LACC LLC, a joint venture of Lotte Chemical and Axiall Corp., will build a $1.9 billion ethane cracker complex near Axiall’s existing manufacturing plants in Calcasieu Parish. Using a portion of ethylene produced by that plant, Lotte Chemical will produce monoethylene glycol at a $1.1 billion plant constructed beside the ethane cracker.

Trade Between South Korea and Louisiana

USATrade 2022
Exports to South Korea
Mineral Fuel, Oil Etc.; Bitumin Subst; Mineral Wax$3.8 billion
Milling Products; Malt; Starch; Inulin; Wht Gluten$412.4 million
Organic Chemicals$396.6 million
Animal, Vegetable Or Microbial Fats And Oils Etc$143.7 million
Plastics And Articles Thereof$35.4 million
Miscellaneous Chemical Products$29.7 million
Rubber And Articles Thereof$25.7 million
Beverages, Spirits And Vinegar$20.1 million
Paper & Paperboard & Articles (inc Papr Pulp Artl)$6.8 million
Copper And Articles Thereof$6.7 million
USATrade 2022
Imports from South Korea
Vehicles, Except Railway Or Tramway, And Parts Etc$403 million
Iron And Steel $364.9 million
Organic Chemicals$240.1 million
Lead And Articles Thereof$109 million
Zinc And Articles Thereof$72 million
Mineral Fuel, Oil Etc.; Bitumin Subst; Mineral Wax$43.5 million
Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, Machinery Etc.; Parts$40 million
Plastics And Articles Thereof$31.4 million
Articles Of Iron Or Steel$15.6 million
Inorg Chem; Prec & Rare-earth Met & Radioact Compd$10.6 million

Louisiana Representation in South Korea

Louisiana has a local representative, Young Ho Seo, based in Seoul, South Korea.

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Cultural Ties and Resources

Louisiana State University (LSU) offers an international exchange program with Korea University, Seoul. LSU has also established a Korean Student Association in order to promote Korean culture around the campus.

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