What does Louisiana STEP reimburse for?

The Louisiana STEP Program can reimburse for the following eligible expenses:

  • Registration/Exhibit booth fees
  • Trade mission fees
  • Ground transportation fees
  • Coach-class airfare that adheres to the Fly America Act
  • Lodging up to federal/state per diem rate
  • Meals up to federal/state per diem rate
  • U.S. Department of Commerce fee services
  • Other approved activities and expenses

Companies approved for STEP travel funds must adhere to the US Federal Foreign Per Diem Rates for international lodging and meals expenses and State of Louisiana Domestic Per Diem Rates for domestic lodging and meals expenses to receive reimbursement. Companies approved for STEP travel funds must reserve coach-class airfare and adhere to the Fly America Act to receive reimbursement.

Louisiana STEP Program will NOT reimburse for passport or visa fees, immunizations, expenses related to entertaining current or prospective clients or government officials, new product development, cellphone charges.