After a contract is executed, what documents are necessary to receive the benefits of the program?

The company must file the following documents with LED after the close of each fiscal year during the contract period:

  • The Annual Certification Report (ACR) and fee, and the required addendum material, including a copy of the wage reports filed with the Louisiana Workforce Commission (ES4’s) and information about the employee health care plan (coverage summary and cost detail) Certification of Primary Qualification illustrating the company’s eligibility for the program
  • The Rebate Spreadsheet illustrating the new direct jobs created
  • The Baseline Report illustrating that the company has maintained the baseline jobs that existed prior to the start date of the contract.

* Additional information may be required. These forms can be found in Fastlane.

* LED will notify the Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR) of the company’s eligibility; the company must then file with LDR to receive the rebate.