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Community Differentiation Tools

All communities say they are “great places to live, work and play.” How can your community stand out from the crowd? Differentiation exists when a community really IS different and investors know this because of the community’s implementation. Emergency preparedness, lean service organizations such as local government and know-how on funding and incentives can set your community apart and are just a few of the ideas that will differentiate your community from others in the global economy.

Marketing Your Community

Marketing is a critical component of a successful community and economic development program. This module defines marketing in the context of community/economic development, explains the components of a successful business/industry marketing program, and discusses the key elements in a marketing plan.

Community Emergency Preparedness

The Community Emergency Preparedness Module deals with how to respond to disaster, mitigate the damage, recover from the negative effects, and better prepare for the next possible event. Emergency Management (EM) is a key concern for community and economic development because it plays into safety and security issues, quality of life standards, holistic planning for the future and community improvement. Communities that have a plan in place are inherently more competitive.

Lean Communities

Manufacturing and service organizations are increasing productivity and decreasing business cost with the application of lean techniques. Governmental organizations and other sectors can also create a “lean” community that is highly competitive in attracting and retaining businesses and a preferred place to live because of efficient services and low taxes. Promoting lean practices can help communities re-invent themselves, compete for jobs and grow in the new environment of international competition and knowledge-based industries.