Staff Directory

Office of Management & Finance Staff Directory

The Office of Management & Finance provides leadership, quality administrative services and controls.

Last Name First Name Job Title Phone Email
Blankenship Kathy Deputy Undersecretary 225.342.9658
Dalgo Crystal Accountant 225.342.1194
Granata Sandra Administrative Assistant 225.342.5437
Hendricks Molly Accountant Manager 225.342.5886
Mack Fred Procurement Supervisor 225.342.5605
McCoy Tarin Procurement Specialist 225.342.5685
Ocmand Christina Contract/Grant Reviewer 225.342.4071
Pace Kristin Accountant Manager 225.342.5627
Richard Taylor Accountant 225.219.7196
Roberts Frank Performance Reporting Manager 225.342.5578
Scott April Business Analytics Specialist 225.342.5521
Smith Errol Budget Administrator 225.342.5400
Tate Robbie Accountant Administrator 225.342.6269
Vernazza Ariel Budget Analyst 225.342.5358
Villa Anne Undersecretary 225.342.5395