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LED FastStart Staff Directory

LED FastStart® provides custom turnkey recruitment and training solutions for company relocation and/or expansion projects, as well as development and delivery of key certification programs across Louisiana’s workforce development system.

627 N 4th St. Ste. 2-200
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Last Name First Name Job Title Phone Email
Abadie Vince Training Specialist, Project Operations 225.219.2541
Allen Rick Lead Quality Systems Specialist 985.750.6210
Anderson Anna Kate Graphic Designer 225.342.1854
Andrews Marsha Data & Development Analyst 225.342.8913
Barrow Todd Project Manager 225.219.4643
Bergeron Madeleine Project Manager 225.342.9259
Bond Mark Director, Workforce Initiatives 225.219.4628
Bourgeois Michael Interactive Solutions Manager 225.219.0392
Brown John Project Manager 225.219.4633
Burson Arlen Animation Specialist 225.219.0387
Calhoun Dannell Training Specialist, BPCC, Bossier City 318.678.6626
Cephus Judy Director of Quality Programs 225.342.5626
Dedden Justin Program Manager 225.342.5607
Duplichan Cristy Graphic Design Lead 337.540.9257
Ebeling Esther Project Manager 225.342.8855
Elliott Jeff Director, Creative Solutions 225.219.4632
Engler John Recruitment Specialist 225.342.9420
Falcon Brody Business Operations Coordinator 225.342.0107
Fournerat Lauren Recruitment Systems Analyst 225.342.5368
Fox David J. Director of Media Services 225.219.4635
Freeburgh Charles Workforce Initiatives Manager 225.342.4719
Guillot T.J. Media Specialist 225.219.4646
Guillot Lindsay Business Operations Coordinator 225.219.0390
Haigler Jennifer Mackey Senior Recruitment Marketer 662.801.8111
Harrington Cedric Copy Center Coordinator 225.324.5734
Helton Paul Executive Director 225.342.5543
Hyde Hafeez Bethany Recruitment Specialist 225.373.3333
Johnson Glenn IT Systems Administrator 225.342.5728
Kemp Timothy Senior Business Operations Manager 225.342.5536
Krail Jeremy Recruitment Systems Analyst 225.219.4629
Krutz Morgan Visual Effects Lead 225.342.5514
LeDoux Paul Media Producer 225.342.9222
Marcin John "Jay" Quality Training Specialist 225.342.4732
Maxcy Katie Multi-Media Design Specialist 225.342.5727
McConnell Danny Special Projects Manager 225.342.5731
Nakamoto Jamie Director, Recruiting 225.342.1575
Nash Cynthia Training Specialist, BPCC, Bossier City 318.678.6628
Perkins Doug Training Specialist, Quality Programs 225.342.2629
Pulido Juan Graphic Designer 225.219.4644
Rhodes Andrew Interactive Development Specialist 225.219.6064
Robison Guy Senior Training Specialist, Manufacturing Operations 318.678.6621
Rodriguez Louis Project Manager 225.219.4648
Roedel Jeffrey Media Producer 225.219.2987
Rouyer Randy Media Specialist 225.342.5735
Ryan Lisa O'Beirne Recruitment Specialist 225.200.4877
Tahaoglu Aylin Interactive Design Lead 225.235.5322
Tonic Denise Workforce Coordinator 225.342.5549
Tressitt Amy Recruitment Lead 225.342.1628
Trickey Jacob Regional Project Manager, BPCC, Bossier City 318.678.6433
Upton Rachel Interactive Development Specialist 225.219.0411
Vaccari Mario Director, Project Operations 225.219.4634
Vanzant Albert Project Manager 225.342.4357
Vo Phuong Multi Media Design Specialist 225.342.4422
Warde Megan Recruitment Specialist 225.219.4649
Wattigny Matthew Senior Media Producer 225.219.4646
Webb Brannan Recruitment Manager 225.342.5443
Wells Erica Graphic Solutions Senior Manager 225.219.4642
Wick Edward Lead Project Manager 225.342.4331
Williams Gail Executive Assistant 225.342.5552
Williams Estella Curriculum Specialist 225.342.5729
Zamarlik Andree Media Producer 225.342.8856

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