Staff Directory

Business Incentives Services Staff Directory

Business Incentive Services administers tax incentive and capital access programs to catalyze economic development.

Last Name First Name Job Title Phone Email
Adegbe Michaela Business Development Officer 2 342- 3571
Bigner Susan Program Administrator 225.342.5651
Campbell Joleasia Business Development Officer 225.342.6070
Cheng Kristin Program Administrator 225.342.2083
Doin Marissa Program Administrator 225.342.5883
Favaloro Frank Manager, Business Incentive Services 225.342.5402
Lambert Becky Program Administrator 225.342.6070
Metoyer Joyce Program Administrator 225.342.0485
Pete Shamelda Program Administrator 225.342.5341
Raney Kelly Business Development Manager 225-342-0411
Rosenberg Travis Program Administrator 225-342-4710
Sewell-Simmons Deborah Administrative Assistant 225.342.5398
Shaw Mysti Performance Reporting & Compliance Administrator 225.342.6443
Usie Hud Business Development Officer 225.342.5399
Womack Laura Business Development Officer 225-342-5382