Style Guide


As Louisiana Economic Development takes an increasingly prominent role, not just in the state but also throughout the nation, it is important that its graphic identity be used consistently. Every organization has a specific public identity – an identity partly formed by the presentation of its printed materials, stationery, website, etc. Each element of communication contributes to the overall impression people form about the organization. 

When an organization’s identification program is closely coordinated, it projects a unified character that works effectively to reinforce all of its activities. In many cases, it also helps the organization to be more cost-effective in its communication efforts by simplifying certain decision-making processes. 

The purpose of this style guide is to explain the multiple components of the Louisiana Economic Development online visual identity program, to define its online design standards and to illustrate how these standards are to be applied.


Many of the standards focus on relative size, proportion and position. These have been developed through careful consideration of many factors, both functional and aesthetic. Adhering to the online graphic design standards will ensure continuity, a high standard of quality and a clear, consistent identity for Louisiana Economic Development. 

The graphic specifications are designed to ensure consistent visual representation. Strict adherence to these guidelines is strongly recommended. There may be exceptional circumstances that justify slight departures from these guidelines. For these inquiries and any other questions regarding the guidelines, contact the Senior Director of Communications, who is responsible for identity standards compliance. Please familiarize yourself with these standards and faithfully apply them. Your cooperation will allow Louisiana Economic Development to maintain consistency and integrity throughout all its communications initiatives.


Last Updated: 12.12.2018