Protecting Corporate Communication

As electronic communication and information grows among businesses worldwide, so does the need for effectively archiving and managing information. Companies must mine all forms of electronic communication and data to ensure productivity while maintaining legal compliance. And they must do it in a manner that doesn’t bog down existing IT networks.

ArcMail Technology of Bossier City, La., shepherds small and large companies through the information maze with simple, secure and cost-effective archiving solutions.

“Regulatory compliance continues to be a huge issue for education, health care and financial institutions, public entities and other organizations,” said ArcMail President and CEO Rory Welch. “They need to be able to access all forms of communication. Among other reasons, courts expect companies to produce documents and are much less tolerant when things get lost.”

ArcMail’s Defender line includes turnkey email archiving products that capture and store inbound, outbound and internal email. The Defender Guardian won the 2011 Trend-Setting Product of the Year Award from KMWorld, an industry-leading publication on information technologies and solutions.

But email and communication archiving is only the beginning, said Welch, who joined the company in 2010 with a mission to build ArcMail into an industry leader by focusing on innovative new products. Using ArcMail’s success in email archiving as a springboard, the company has pioneered solutions for enterprise archiving – or the ability to archive multiple types of data, including social media, instant messaging, Salesforce Chatter™ and Google Apps Gmail. Additionally, ArcMail developed an archiving solution for Microsoft SharePoint™, a widely used software platform that enables internal collaboration and file sharing. The continued focus on innovation includes voice and video on diverse platforms and direct file archiving to be launched in 2013.

“Enterprise archiving is a $1.2 billion industry, so we see it as a huge opportunity for our company,” Welch said.

ArcMail spent significant time on research and development as it focused on new products, and the company took advantage of LED’s Research and Development Tax Credit to offset costs.

The R&D incentive provides a tax credit of up to 40 percent for companies that have paid or incurred qualified research expenses in Louisiana. The tax credit can reduce either income or franchise tax and can be claimed in the same taxable year in which the expenses occurred.

“It’s really been significant for us as a small, growing business,” said Welch. “It’s helped us pay for the technical resources that have helped us grow into a bigger space.”

ArcMail’s expanded product line has helped it increase revenue 50 percent over the past two years. The company also has doubled its development team from three to six staff members and expanded national brand awareness. Welch anticipates a 30 to 50 percent growth in revenue in each of the next five years.

“We like where we’re going,” he said. “It’s all about using the breadth of our capabilities in a manner that fits customer needs.”